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Childhood home tour: Day 1

Woohoo! Day 1 is complete! 😃

I finally got around to posting day 1 of the challenge at like 11pm tonight. I was pretty busy today, and will be for the rest of the week. But I'll try uploading tomorrow, bright and early which will actually be like, 11am or something.

You're probably thinking, "Whoa! This is the front side of your house? It's huge!" I know. It's pretty impressive! Guess how old this house is?

Pretty dang old. This used to be a restaurant called the Knotty Pine before my grandpa bought it from the restaurant owners, and made a house out it. He built (rebuilt?) most of the inside. Which I thought, and still think, is pretty frickin' cool. So, he and my grandma lived there, and had their children there, I think. I don't remember if they had children elsewhere, and then moved here. Regardless, their children (later to be my future aunt, dad, and uncles) lived there for their entire childhood, and then I was born years later, and lived there too. This house has been through quite a few generations of people, and it's still in "ok" shape.

That's it for now! Next up: the right side of the house. See you in the next post. 😄

  • Introduction: Done ☑
  • Day 1: Outside Picture Series - Starting with the front side of the house - Done ☑
  • Day 2: Right side
  • Day 3: Left side
  • Day 4: Back side
  • Day 5: The backyard
  • Day 6: My old swing set
  • Day 7: My old trampoline
  • Day 8: Inside Picture Series - Starting with the kitchen
  • Day 9: Living room
  • Day 10: My dog's "beds"
  • Day 11: The front door
  • Day 12: Hallway #1
  • Day 13: My dad's room
  • Day 14: The TV room
  • Day 15: The library
  • Day 16: The fireplace
  • Day 17: A peak at my uncle's room
  • Day 18: Hallway #2
  • Day 19: My room
  • Day 20: My closet
  • Day 21: Storage places


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