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An Introduction: Just so you're in the know

Hello and welcome to the Imperial Valley Photography blog! 

I invite you view the left sidebar and learn a little about who I am and why I take pictures. Take a look at my portraits, nature photos, and animal photos while you're here, and consider contacting me to take your portrait!

If you go to my DeviantART page, you can get some really cool photo gifts. At that website, you can get mugs, canvases, mouse pads, etc. depending on what's available.

For those who want to purchase something on my DeviantART account:

If you happen to want a print from me, you will see a watermark on the picture you order. But the watermark will NOT be on the picture when you get it.

I take portraits, and they are as follows:
-"Save the Date"
-Couple Portrait
-Best Friend Portrait
-Other portraits (Example: Work portraits)

*I charge a $25 sitting fee, plus $0.25 for each photo you would like in digital form. If you are interested, please email me at ivphotos14@yahoo.…

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