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Childhood home tour: Day 3

Day three, left side of the house! I decided to put two pictures for this one because there's like, two parts to the left side. I wanted to get both parts. Plus I really liked that stone with the kitty. 😸

I took these pictures around 7:30am, and it took forever for me settle down and upload them. Then it took forever for the pictures to actually upload. But the point is, I finished day 3. If you look at the first picture, at the tree stump with the pot on top of it, that used to be a palm tree before my uncle cut it down. I had stated it briefly in my previous post, but this is a better picture showcasing that. And you can tell that I live next to a road in the first picture. I mean, most houses do anyway. But this house is right on the corner before cars turn head out to the freeway. And it's because the house used to be a restaurant that this building happens to be where it is. It would attract a lot of people because it was on what used to be the main freeway (if I remember correctly). Yay history!

In case you were wondering, my interview that I briefly talked about yesterday went very well. I was handed a list of things I need to complete before training, so, I'm working on completing those things. Next up, day 4.

See you in the next post!

  • Introduction: Done ☑
  • Day 1: Outside Picture Series - Starting with the front side of the house - Done ☑
  • Day 2: Right side - Done ☑
  • Day 3: Left side - Done ☑
  • Day 4: Back side
  • Day 5: The backyard
  • Day 6: My old swing set
  • Day 7: My old trampoline
  • Day 8: Inside Picture Series - Starting with the kitchen
  • Day 9: Living room
  • Day 10: My dog's "beds"
  • Day 11: The front door
  • Day 12: Hallway #1
  • Day 13: My dad's room
  • Day 14: The TV room
  • Day 15: The library
  • Day 16: The fireplace
  • Day 17: A peak at my uncle's room
  • Day 18: Hallway #2
  • Day 19: My room
  • Day 20: My closet
  • Day 21: Storage places 
Bonus picture!
 Saw this bird this morning on the bird feeder when I was about to shoot for day 3. 😁 I'm not great at capturing wildlife pictures, but hopefully with more practice, I'll get better. 


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