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Childhood Home Tour: Day 4

Day 4, back side of the house.

As you can see, very messy! I think part of the reason for that is because we have a lot of firewood. Cause you see, a little while ago, my uncle and my dad noticed some of our firewood had been stolen. So, I believe the reason there are tree trunks/branches/other things strewn about is so that people can't pull up with their car (or whatever they use) to put the firewood in and take off. It doesn't stop people from walking up, but, it makes it harder for people to steal because who wants to carry firewood all the way back to their car? Not a lot of people. Unless you're desperate. Which apparently, no one is because I haven't noticed any more missing firewood, and neither my dad nor my uncle have talked about anymore problems. #win

We use firewood for the fireplace during the winter. Since the fireplace is another one of the days in the tour, I won't talk about it now. I'll get there!

Next, you'll get to see my backyard. I think you'll like it. 😉

See you in the next post!

  • Introduction: Done ☑
  • Day 1: Outside Picture Series - Starting with the front side of the house - Done ☑
  • Day 2: Right side - Done ☑
  • Day 3: Left side - Done ☑
  • Day 4: Back side - Done ☑
  • Day 5: The backyard
  • Day 6: My old swing set
  • Day 7: My old trampoline
  • Day 8: Inside Picture Series - Starting with the kitchen
  • Day 9: Living room
  • Day 10: My dog's "beds"
  • Day 11: The front door
  • Day 12: Hallway #1
  • Day 13: My dad's room
  • Day 14: The TV room
  • Day 15: The library
  • Day 16: The fireplace
  • Day 17: A peak at my uncle's room
  • Day 18: Hallway #2
  • Day 19: My room
  • Day 20: My closet
  • Day 21: Storage places


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